Custom Concrete Services in Utah

Building A Strong Foundation

At Smith Builders, we have our own concrete division. We specialize in concrete flat work, colored stamped concrete, custom concrete services, concrete removal and replacement projects. We remove and replace driveways, patios, sidewalks, RV parking, steps, porches, retaining walls, roads, and parking lots.

geneva rock concrete truck

High quality concrete is achieved only by following these basic steps:

  1. Smith Builders follows building plans or our customers design with exactness.
  2. Working with a professional team of concrete finishers and sub contractors.
  3. Experienced in excavation and construction equipment.
  4. We focus on high quality sub grades and extensive compaction.
  5. Road base, gravel, and rebar options available.
  6. Custom quality forming and stripping.
  7. We use Geneva Rock 6-7+ bag engineered concrete mix or as specified. Micro-fiber mesh, fiber mesh, or other additives available.
  8. Tool cut control joints standard. Saw cut joints option available.
  9. Concrete sealers and installation available.
  10. Smith Builders team cleans up well after each project.

We primarily serve the entire Wasatch front.
Call 801-647-7123 for a quote outside this area.

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